13010_486732021423281_1796456337_nSafety & Scheduling-aside from their sibilant alliteration, there is a connection on DDOT buses where passengers are having an increasingly impatient and violent reaction to long waits and over-crowded conditions on DDOT buses. Who is scheduling our buses?

Apparently, someone who does not need to ride the bus to get anywhere in a timely manner.

More than a year after cuts to other North to South DDOT service and the loss of daytime SMART service have multiplied the number of riders on the Woodward line, there are still insufficient buses to get riders  reliably to their destination.

Riders on the Woodward line may get up an hour earlier than they used to. They may check “Text my Bus” for the next 3 Woodward buses.They may still wait an hour to actually get on a southbound bus, as up to 3 buses pass them, loaded with passengers lucky enough to live North of 6 Mile. They can be passed by as many on the northbound route, already full leaving Downtown.

Few riders realize that someone, somewhere is supposed to be scheduling buses to meet the needs of DDOT ridership. Many blame and respond violently to the bus driver. Thus Scheduling impacts Safety of drivers and everyone on the bus.

Our drivers have a responsible and stressful job, to drive the bus, not to stretch a bus thatnseats  60 people into one that holds 160. Lets blame that on the person in charge.

Lets hold DDOT and the contractor who administers its service responsible for crowding and delays. Assaulting a bus driver is not going to get anyone to work faster. Consider instead, a visit to DDOT Administrative Office 1301 E. Warren Ave.Detroit, MI 48207 or a call to (313) 933-1300 to the administrator who is pretending not to know about the problem.