lostJobWhy is the City of Detroit not defending DDOT drivers? If as many prostitutes were attacked in as short a time frame, wouldn’t police ask the media for help with preventing those crimes? DDOT is well aware of the tensions it has created by cutting bus route, leaving the folks most  vulnerable to job loss fearful, angry, and blaming their woes on the bus driver. Why isn’t Mayor Bing, Wilfred Beal or someone from DDOT’s contract overseer coming out publicly, explaining the “reasons” behind the cuts, taking responsibility for the problem? Isn’t this what they are getting the big bucks for? Unless this discord between drivers and DDOT riders supports some darker purpose.

Maybe DDOT is being undermined because its riders are not seen as part of the NEW Detroit. The Detroit that feels that DDOT riders are expendable and in the way of yuppie enjoyment of sports and entertainment venues that enrich already wealthy investors. The Detroit which is being sold for pennies on the dollar by and to people who never have and never will live in Detroit. How many of those cute business under the Opportunity Detroit signs are actually owned by Detroit residents? How many are giving an “opportunity” to Detroiters who need one?

These developers, are the small percentage who set riders and DDOT drivers up for a fall. If Illitch and Gilberts drivers were attacked, they would have the ear of the Police, the Lame (Duck) Mayor, and the EFM and his F***ing Deputy. Why are no  rewards posted for information about unsolved crimes against Bus Drivers?  The violence on buses would raise some concern in a city where transportation was a concern to those responsible for employees and citizens. Not in a city that is happy pitting its employees against the consumers who need them.