Blessed are they who have not seen and yet believe…. I believe the folks, including DDOT drivers, who say they have seen Detroit Police riding DDOT buses. I have not seen them yet, but do feel a better vibe on the buses.

I took the Woodward Downtown today and while there was a lot of general cussing, none of it was directed at our driver-or at fellow passengers. People gave up handicapped seating, helped the young woman with a kid, and let fellow passengers know there were seats in the back.

That is definitely not because the scheduling has improved, Text-My-Bus become more reliable, or because people are no longer passed by over full buses. Maybe people really are concerned about being caught on camera.

The Woodward bus I rode had two cameras.If I were crazy/cunning enough to plan mischief, they would not worry me too much. The one behind the driver was mostly blocked by people standing in the front of the bus. The one in back was blocked by the rear door whenever it opened. Once the bus is packed, as the Woodward often is, people will be too close to the cameras for them to pan the bus.

The Dexter bus on which we returned did not have cameras (or Police) and we scored two seats-WOW. Cause a Woodward passed us by, the next picked us up, but was packed. When we got to our stop, two more were a few minutes behind, riding one another’s bumpers.

Who does not think getting some of those bigger buses back from SMART (or buying some new ones) would not serve commuters better than the M1 Street Car?

20 million in TIGER grant money could have bought some,even with cameras installed.