• Syri’s experience, Tuesday, Oct 16, 2012: 8:20 p.m.

    Today my son and I joined some of my old co-workers for lunch and shopping at the Eastern Market. Since Ronald Freeman assured us all yesterday that our DDOT service was better because “The 4/15 Plan is working,” I was sure this jaunt would be no problem. LOL Sure enough, I caught the Woodward at Blaine

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  • Syri’s experience, Tuesday, Oct 16, 7:52 p.m.

    Yesterday morning I attended a Detroit City Council meeting with Rev. Ross and members of NEWCC, Warriors on Wheels, and other groups with concerns about the crippling cuts to our city’s bus service. Representing DDOT was Envisurage CEO, Ronald Freeland. The Mayor’s office, although invited, did not send a representative....

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  • Syri’s experience, Saturday, October 13, 2012 12:49 a.m.

    Thursday, my son and I had to drop some papers off at the Social Security office in Highland Park. Since this is right off Woodward, we had no problem getting there and getting a bus back to the Save-A-Lot grocery store, also on Woodward. Then we decided to walk down to Calvert and take the

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  • Syri’s experience, Saturday, October 13, 2012 12:28 a.m.

    My son and I used to enjoy trips to the Eastern Market on Tuesdays before the bus cuts. The Oakland bus would take us to Mack and the Chrysler Freeway where we could catch the Mack to Russell or the Russell to Gratiot. Now, the Oakland only runs ’til 930 a.m. on Tuesdays. What we can

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  • Syri’s experience: Better service, better buses?

    Today my son and I took the Woodward bus to Wayne State University’s Farmers Market. We got one of the newer buses which DDOT touts as working better–LOL. Passengers had to enter and exit through the back door because the front door and the fare box were out of commission. As usual, the bus was

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  • North End Woodward City Council Meeting October 15 2012

    Our pamphlet describes the three concerns we have with: 1. How bus cuts have impacted workers 2. Privatization is not in the best interest of Detroiters or the North End. 3. Transportation Advisory Committee process is flawed Click here to download our City Council meeting pamphlet.

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  • A Lesson from the Past

    A Lesson from the Past

    Monday, I attended a NWCC meeting at St. Matthew’s & St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church Detroit. Bus service in Detroit continues to deteriorate, causing greater hardship to the working poor and others unable to drive. I ride the DDOT buses most days and most days I hear complaints about the system’s...

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  • Erratic Routes–>Lost Jobs

    Erratic Routes–>Lost Jobs

    Last month’s Transportation Justice meeting bought out more concerns about riders losing their jobs. I have been listening to riders on the Woodward and Grand River lines vent on this issue––and these are the so-called 4/15 buses. Riders who miss their connections or experience breakdowns of lines running...

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  • Introducing the 415 Plan: One Route, One Bus

    Introducing the 415 Plan: One Route, One Bus

    Life is not getting any easier for bus riders in Detroit. If you are on a non 415 bus (i.e. any bus that isn’t the Woodward, Gratiot, Grand River, or Dexter), expect to wait an hour between buses. Schedules are unavailable for most routes, and with the erratic Woodward service, it’s hard to know if you just...

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  • You Can’t Get from There to Here: Getting to Eastern Market on Saturday

    You Can’t Get from There to Here: Getting to Eastern Market on Saturday

    I left the Transportation Justice meeting at St Matthews & St Joseph, with a lot to think about. I took some of those thoughts with me as my son and I made our bus trips mostly on the 4/15 buses. I still am finding service on the Woodward line to be unpredictable and uneven. Other buses are not arriving

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