• Broken Fare Boxes, More Bunching Buses, and Missing Schedules

    Yesterday I had a no worries outing on 3 of the 415 buses: the Woodward, Grand River and Dexter. It was troublesome though that the Woodward had a broken fare box. Since I pay for a monthly bus pass, I experience minor resentment when the fare box is broken and everyone else just rides free.

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  • Bus Bunching, Bus Drivers, and Terminal Terminals

    Daily Reports from a North End Bus Rider So my son and I rode 3 buses including the Woodward today. Of course we did not have to wait more than 15 minutes for one to pass us by. It was closely followed by another which had seats. BTW, this bus also had a courteous, professional

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  • Bussing Today: Detroit Style

    Riding the DDOT buses is an everyday adventure. I am just back from a meeting at St. Matthew’s & St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church Detroit in the North End. Residents in our neighborhood are being economically strangled, as most bus service in our neighborhood has been eliminated on weekends, and the so-called...

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